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  • Naturopathic Care

    First appointments are typically one hour where information about your health and wellbeing is assembled into a more complete picture. It is common to consider testing, typically blood work, to assess for contributing factors that can be addressed and corrected. An initial plan is started, although this will likely be further fleshed out after testing is complete. If you have had any recent testing or imaging, it is often very useful to bring that in to your appointment.

    Follow up visits are usually 30 minutes and they will further expand our treatment. We will check on your progress and challenges, adjusting treatment as needed based on your response and goals.

    Common recommendations include diet and lifestyle changes, homeopathy and nutritional supplements to support health and wellbeing.

    Mental Health

    Individuals struggling with mental health concerns commonly have overlooked nutrient deficiencies, hormonal dysregulation, inflammatory conditions, infections or even toxicities that are contributing negatively to how they feel. A naturopathic provider can help find these underlying problems and then use the safest, most effective tools to restore health and balance.Diet is a powerful and fundamental tool for patients in their recovery and return to wellness. In addition, there are a number of researched herbs and supplements that can improve emotional wellbeing.