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  • About Dr. Scott

    Dr. Scott Buesing, Naturopathic Doctor

    After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University, Dr. Buesing went on to acquire a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2004 from Bastyr University. While in school, Dr. Buesing received an NIH research training grant to study the in-vitro effects of an alternative cancer treatment from the 1930s. Upon graduation, he collaborated on several research studies at Bastyr University including the workout benefits of creatine for vegetarians and the weight loss effects of diets high in beans/legumes.

    Along with private practice, he gained experience working in two separate multidisciplinary programs, including a partial hospitalization program for patients suffering with mental health conditions in Seattle and a multidisciplinary pain clinic focusing on integrative care. Dr. Buesing utilized treatments including dietary and lifestyle changes, oral and intravenous nutrient therapies, botanical medicine, biofeedback, mind-body techniques, and meditation. While in practice, he taught patient-oriented classes on meditation, nutrition, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and dietary approaches to wellness.

    In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Buesing has worked as a consultant, providing synopses of current medical research on numerous health topics including vitamin D and healthy dietary strategies. He also worked as head of the medical department for Diagnostechs, helping other providers treat their patients through integrated medicine.

    When working with patients, Dr. Buesing’s passion is to help others discover and understand why they are experiencing their current health challenges. Then, working together, it is possible to help improve and restore a person’s wellbeing.