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  • Anali Robles

    Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, 132353

    There are times in life where you might feel misunderstood, guilt, pain, grief or overall “stuck”. As a result, this might bring a sense of loneliness and as if nobody else understands you or the struggles that you are facing. The unfortunate thing about life is that it does not come with an instructional manual, yet the beauty of it all is that we can always take steps to learn how to cope with things that may be ailing us.

    I have 9 years experience working in the non-profit sector, particularly with disadvantaged youth ages 14-24. I am passionate about working with clients as a therapeutic guide, while they continue to make sense of their ever changing world & current life experience.

    My goal is to guide clients to process any traumatic events or difficult situations they may be experiencing, all while helping them grow as an overall individual. I look forward to serving you and working toward a better version of you.

    Anali is supervised by Kelly Battaglia, LMFT 86123

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