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  • What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

    What is the difference between DBT and other therapies?

    DBT delivers a practical set of skills that you will learn weekly in individual and group therapy. These skills can help you learn to manage intense emotions, reduce impulsive and unhelpful behavior, live in the present moment without judgment, improve relationships, and create a life worth living with joy and peace.

    If you are in DBT therapy, you are participating in weekly individual therapy, weekly DBT skills group, and accessing your therapist in-between session for coaching, which allows you the opportunity for feedback on how to apply the skills at the moment.

    What are the skills taught in DBT?

    DBT is taught in four modules:

    • Mindfulness: the practice of being fully aware and present at the moment.
    • Distress Tolerance: how to tolerate pain in difficult situations, not change it.
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness: how to ask for what you want and say no while maintaining self-respect and relationships with others.
    • Emotion Regulation: how to change emotions that you want to change.

    How long does it take to complete a DBT program?

    It takes six- eight months to complete the four modules of DBT, as each module is six-weeks long. In between each module, there is a two-week mindfulness review. It is recommended to complete two-cycles of DBT, over the course of one year. However, many members choose to continue their DBT practice and move to advanced groups after two full cycles are complete.

    We also offer an eight-week Accelerated DBT Program.

    Do I Have to See an Individual DBT Therapist to Participate in DBT Group?

    You are required to see an individual therapist while in the group. However, it does not have to be a DBT therapist to be in a DBT group. We ask that you sign a Release of Information allowing your group facilitator to speak with your individual therapist as needed if you are seeing a therapist outside of The Refinery.

    To participate in the comprehensive DBT protocol program, a person is seeing an individual DBT therapist, attending weekly skills groups, and accessing DBT coaching.

    If you are only participating in the group, you are in the DBT community skills group but not in DBT therapy.

    Is DBT a Process Group?

    DBT is not a process group. It is a skills-based group, structured like a class. Each week, you will be learning new skills to apply throughout the week.

    The group starts with a mindfulness practice, checks in on homework, learns a new skill, and goes over the next week’s homework. We assign a worksheet from Dr. Linehan’s module, the group facilitator is available throughout the week for help.

    The group does not process. Therapy is with your individual therapist; the group is for learning skills.

    What Ages do You Accept?

    The Refinery offers an Adolescent DBT group for ages 13-17; and two adult groups. Our groups are heterogeneous.

    How do I get started?

    The group enrolls new members in between each module. To be put on a waitlist, please call or e-mail The Refinery. We will notify you when the group re-opens.

    COVID & DBT:

    The Refinery is currently offering DBT telehealth group on Zoom, and individual telehealth sessions.